We made a Radio Advert

As well as the core video production work, Focus 7 deals with all sorts of media enquiries.  We make documentaries, adverts, animations and even stop motion projects.  We run training workshops and help people with their new technology.  If its media and media equipment related then we can usually help, and if we can’t we […]

We Accept Crypto Currencies

We Accept Crypto Currencies

  As a company that keeps up with technology and the latest developments we have decided that we will accept Bitcoins and any other crypto currency that you may use.  Working internationally this means we can far easier deal with your payments and continue to deliver our first class services.   Digital currencies are not […]

Adverts for Social Media

We have been making a few adverts for social media but been slow in telling people about our services. As a small company with big demands on us, sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to do our own stuff as we are busy helping other people. But here is an example anyway….. It […]

White Board Animation

Focus 7 recently completed a commission for the NHS, creating a contemporary whiteboard animation for the Carers Support Network.  This stylish method of sharing information is very popular when the film is going to used in areas where sound would be intrusive, for example doctors waiting rooms and public places where the film is going to be […]



Focus 7 are proud to be part of Yella Belly Films who have entered the 2014 Action Film Challenge in Florida.  We made our film Grimsby:RV in 30 days and won 14 awards and was nominated in every category. We feel that this was a win for the area, to try to make people proud. […]