Equipment Matters – If content is king then how you record that content is the queen.

Being a social enterprise Focus 7 likes to reinvest in our business. We try to keep as up to date as is affordable. This approach means that we can give our clients a wide range of shooting options from standard to Hi Definition, single to multi camera shoots.

Our family of Sony cameras ranges from sturdy easy to use workshop cameras like the PD150, Sony Z1 and A1, to the Sony EX range of Hi Def Ex1 and Ex3 cameras to our latest acquisition a specialist   35mm Full HD movie camera the Sony F3k. We now have 4k filming and editing!

We also have a range of specialist cameras such as a bullet cam to mount on vehicles or a Go-Pro Helmet Cam that is useful for underwater and extreme sports filming.

To compliment our excellent range of cameras we also have supporting production equipment such as lighting, HD Monitors, a lightweight track and mini jib; great for those movie style images that raises the production values of our clients films.



You don’t notice sound till it is distorted or not there:

Sound is such an important part to any production and we have invested in a range of sound equipment including a four track portable mixer/recorder that is great tool when recording more than one subject and a array of various microphones to ensure crisp clear recordings.

As part of our audio services we can also provide either copyright free music from our huge library or we can source a favourite tune from the record companies (but this usually cost a considerable fee). Some of our clients opt for our bespoke music service as our team includes a number of composers who can produce something unique and tailored specifically for our clients needs.

We edit using Apple Mackintosh computers and have four edit suites, two are portable and two ‘power tower’ systems with over 20 Terrabytes of storage. We use the latest version of FCP Suite and Adobe Creative Suite.   Apple certified and time served editors with Broadcast experience work with our clients footage and this is usually where the real magic of media happens.

We have a full post production service that provides from simple editing to complex 3d compositing, green screen and colouration and grading services. We can add text, graphics and special effects to meet our clients needs.

We keep a digital archive of our jobs for our clients and can provide the finished productions as DVD, Blue Ray or digital files suitable for use on mobile phones, TV, internet or any digital platform.

We do offer the best quality equipment to our clients, when we come to shoot our films our family of camera’s are great for multi camera shoots, in High Definition.

We have a PD150 DVCam, we mainly use this for training people and workshops for animation, these are good, robust cameras. The Sony Z1 has been part of the inventory for more than a few years now, and really opened our eyes to high definition.

We are also very pleased with our Go Pro Helmet Hero camera, with all the mounts, this is a minicam capable of been mounted anywhere for extreme shooting in full High Definition and in different HD formats.

We now shoot in high definition as standard and invested a couple of years ago in an EX1, which we were very impressed with.  Then when the EX3 came out we thought it would be a good addition to the Focus 7 kit list.  Moving into solid state (no tapes) is fantastic and quickens the workflow so allows instant access to the rushes via the camera or a laptop.  In spring 2011, Focus 7 had the opportunity to shoot a short on Sony’s new PMW-F3K.  After 1 nights shoot, we had a conversation and decided to keep it.  So we are the very proud owners of a Sony PMW-F3K.  This is an awesome camera that we feel will enhance and step up our production values to the next level.

As part of our equipment to support the Sony F3K we have a variety of accessories including Matte Box, Follow Focus, 15′ Rails and a 5in HD monitor.  We are pleased to be able to offer this camera to our clients to add another dimension to their products. We have bought a jib, just a small one but larger ones are sourced and available upon request.

We have a range of lighting from dedolights, to a full red head kit and a 54” Chimera. We also have a portable 8x8x8 green screen and stand. We use this for a variety of cgi and compositing work for special effects.