That little bit more

We believe we are an innovative media production company that is expanding it’s portfolio of services.

Our approach means we adapt to new challenges. Recently one of our projects utilized our media skills to help people back into employment, CVTV helped candidates shine when applying for a job, their filmed CV’s and media training helped the participants to present themselves well and stand out from other candidates. At the other end of the scale we produced a 5 min information film for a new international client that premiered in New York on the 6th Jan 2011. They then had 7 different language versions made to take around their businesses in Europe.

Another product we have launched in Grimsby and has now been taken up by other towns is the ShrinkMap. This is a map of the area which folds away to a handy size to fit in a pocket or handbag. The Grimsby map was especially helpful to the large foreign student community’s as well as tourists, and was extensively used by the inward investment team to market the area. We also produced a shrink map for The Ropewalk in Barton Upon Humber of Barton, these have proved really popular and have been given out to local residents and visitors to the area.

We have a pool for trusted freelancers for every occasion, cause if we can’t do it we know someone who can.